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Duracraft Humidifiers complete review and guide 2017

My friend was telling me the other day about this new humidifier he’s got, which looked like something from Star Wars. That made me thought of my choices of humidifiers, and it suddenly struck me that I like a clean and simple design, with sleek lines and rounded edges. I mean, the appearance of a humidifier might actually affect my decision of buying it.

It’s logical, I suppose. After all, the humidifier will be placed somewhere in the room you are in, visible to you. Luckily none of the best humidifiers were too ugly. For example, this Duracraft humidifier is one of my favorite designs, aside from the fact that it is also very effective.

Duracraft DWM250 – Best Warm Mist Humidifier

This humidifier has a small footprint, just perfect for a small or medium size room, but you can also put it in a large room that has little space to spare! That’s because it is able to release two and a half gallons of water into the air in a day. Such a large humidifying capacity is really good for those dry winter spells when the cold air causes many problems.

I really like the design because it has a clearer water tank than most other humidifiers. The tank also has not one, but two handles for carrying it to and from the sink. No chance for a spill. Its slim and narrow footprint meant that the tank is not too big (only 0.67 gallons) and must be refilled often, more suitable for elderly people or people with arthritis to carry than a full-gallon tank.

No, it’s not a 2-½-gallon tank but a 2-½-gallon capacity. That’s one thing people always get wrong and end up complaining and giving one-star reviews. Since the tank is small, it has to be set on low to last overnight, but if you start humidifying the room one or two hours earlier and refill the tank before sleep, the room will be comfortably humid throughout the night.

The clear tank may seem thin and flimsy when you first use it, but soon you will see that it is actually really durable. Handle it properly and the humidifier will last for years. Maintenance is very easy too, as there won’t be any mold or bacteria in a boiling water tank. The only thing to be done is to wipe the heating elements with vinegar to clean them of deposits, and this only has to be done once in a while. There are no filters to be changed.

So what are you waiting for? Get this warm mist humidifier and be rid of itchy skin and noses this winter: Duracraft DWM-250

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