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Essick Air Humidifiers complete reviews and guide 2017

It can be distressing to know that if you want to buy a whole house humidifier or console humidifier, Essick Air humidifiers are your only choice that does not have to be installed to your furnace. However, it can be good to know that their humidifiers work really well in humidifying the whole house.

Essick Air humidifiers are mostly box-like with a white or wood-appearance plastic housing. They certainly don’t make the fashion statement and it can be quite difficult to find a place for them in the house in terms of trying to match the decor, but if you can overlook that and just want to get the house humidified, these humidifiers are good.

One notable thing about their humidifiers is the poor quality control. Almost all of their humidifiers were complained greatly about flimsy parts, poor fitting, and non-working features. The most complained about is the loud operating noise which may be caused by vibration of the same poorly-fitted cheap parts.

As I said, there is no other choice if you cannot install a furnace humidifier. So here is actually one Essick Air humidifier that is not too noisy.

Essick Air H12-400HB 3-Speed Evaporative Console Humidifier

The quietest humidifier of Essick Air, this one runs efficiently to get the whole house humidified in no time at all. Twelve gallons of output over a few refills mean that you never have to worry about dry throats or cracked lips again. The evaporated moisture also reduces static electricity in the house.

The good thing about using an evaporative humidifier is cool air without white dust even if you use hard tap water. For even cleaner air, you can buy a filter to fit the humidifier. The wick needs to be replaced annually, which is very low maintenance compared to humidifiers with filter replacements every few months.

Read more about this humidifier here: Essick Air H12-400HB or check out my other whole house humidifier options.

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