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Kaz Humidifiers best reviews and complete guide 2017

Hurray for you! You’ve just found a brand of humidifier that makes small, portable humidifiers for personal use. Now what is meant by personal use, is that you can bring these humidifiers around with you, plug them in wherever you are, and continue to enjoy moist, comfortable air while you work. These little humidifiers are great for small office rooms too.

Kaz 4100 Health Mist Quiet Operation Cool Mist Humidifier

This spacecraft-look-alike may not win the best design of the year award but it is perfectly good for humidifying a small room. It does not have a removable water tank for refilling; instead, you just bring the whole unit to the tap and fill it through the top channel. This is much easier than carrying a filled open tank that might spill.

There are a couple of concerns over the cleaning of this unit though, because the cover does not come off easily for cleaning the insides of the humidifier. For that you will need a screwdriver with a special tip, and in fact it wasn’t designed to be opened. To clean the humidifier, you will need to rinse it with diluted bleach and white vinegar to prevent mold growth.

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Kaz PersonalMist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier is an upgrade from the previous model which was a small motor base attachable to water bottles, now with its own tank! Admittedly now you have to bring an extra tank when you travel, but the tank is small and the humidifier works better with a tank than with bottles. The footprint is so small you can fit it into the luggage without a problem.

For a small humidifier, the mist output of this model is really good! It can put out 2 gallons of moisture a day as long as you keep the tank refilled. Another great thing about this humidifier is the quiet operation. Never wake to loud bubbling or glugging noises anymore.

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