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Sunpentown Humidifiers reviews and guide 2017

Are you particular about having a very quiet atmosphere for work or sleep? I know a few people who are like that, who cannot bear the slightest hum or sound coming from their appliances. So for them I usually recommend the Sunpentown humidifiers. These humidifiers are silent. They are so quiet that walking around the house makes more noise. So quiet that you’d wonder if they were working had there not be a constant thick mist coming out from them.

Here are some of the Sunpentown humidifiers that I like:

Sunpentown SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Humidifier

This very slim humidifier is designed so that you can place it on a narrow shelf or ledge without taking up a lot of space. That’s really nice for a small bedroom where space is limited. The other great thing about this model is the option of having warm or cool mist as you like. Is it warm in the room? Have soothing cool mist cool it down a degree. Is it too cold? Change to warm mist and in some time your room will be warmer. All done silently, of course.

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Sunpentown Ultrasonic SU-2020 Humidifier

Hate refillings? This humidifier with a 2-gallon tank will solve your problem. Just fill it up once in the morning and you’ll be enjoying cool humid air for the entire day. Make a single, spill-free trip to the sink with the tank, which has a convenient handle and no-drip refill plug, It humidifies the air nicely and if there is anything to complain, it doesn’t have a built-in humidistat so you will have to buy a separate humidistat to check the level of humidity in your room to adjust output accordingly.

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Sunpentown SU – 2081 Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier

For a small bedroom, this quiet humidifier works great. It has a built-in humidistat with digital controls that allows you to set the humidity level you want, and automatically adjusts to maintain the level, so that’s one less thing you have to do yourself! The water tank may be smaller compared to other humidifiers, only 0.64-gallon, but its output is 2-gallon per day so as long as you keep it refilled, you can keep the room humid and comfortable.

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